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In this free to view introduction, Tim & Trisha explain how incorrect breathing affected their own lives.

Are you ready to enjoy transformative sleep leading to more energy, clarity of thought, freedom from allergies and asthma, fresh breath and no more snoring?

What people are saying...

"No expensive dental appliance."

Larry from NJ

After completing this course, I'm treating my snoring with simple tips to help me breathe through my nose, instead of an expensive dental appliance.

"This course is an eye opener."

Mary from CO

This course is an eye opener. My child suffered with bed wetting for several years, missing sleep-overs with friends. By switching his breathing, the bed wetting stopped. Well worth the price!

"My running buddies are jealous.

Gary from KY

The price of this course is well worth the valuable information. By changing my breathing, I've shaved several minutes off from my running time. My running buddies are jealous.

About Trisha and Tim

Together Trisha and Tim have over 75 years of clinical experience as dental hygienists and both are successful breathing coaches, educators and international speakers. They have been published numerous times in scientific journals and consumer magazines. Early in her career, Trisha worked in Switzerland for several years. Following that adventure, she has held faculty positions at the Universities of Minnesota, Washington, Arizona and Louisville. Tim began his dental hygiene career in the Royal Air Force where he worked for 22 years at posts around the world including the UK, Falkland Islands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, New Zealand, Germany and Holland. After his military service, Tim provided patient therapy for many years in a periodontal practice. Tim also has experience in the corporate dental world where he provided global education in 28 countries. Trisha and Tim met virtually through their profession and have collaborated on like-minded endeavors for several years. In 2013, they founded an online university offering a bachelor degree completion program for dental hygienists holding associate degrees. To date, they have over 280 graduates. Their bi-continental collaboration in this online course connects the dots between oral health and the science of breathing to bring something unique that is not available from conventional clinicians.


Two bonus video chapters cover growth and development of the jaw and how mouth breathing will constrict jaw growth leading to crowded teeth. 

Switching to nasal breathing will change several steps in the natural growth and development of the jaw.  This allows the jaw to grow to the right size for all the teeth to fit in perfect alignment. 

Also included is a FREE hard copy of the book: LipZip: Breathe better to live better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How are you going to help me make better decisions?

    Waking up every day feeling tired and plagued with brain fog prevents you from thinking clearly. A good night’s sleep based on optimal breathing will bring you clarity of thought which naturally leads to better decision making.

  • I am a busy person. What is my commitment to this course?

    Your commitment is as much or as little as you need to overcome bad breathing issues in your life. The theory part of the course is divided up into easy-to-understand sections and designed to be undertaken at your own pace. The practical exercises can be easily added to your existing daily activities.

  • How is it going to be tailored to my specific needs?

    We have used real examples of our child and adult clients covering the common breathing related issues including sleep apnea, snoring, bad breath, allergies, asthma and fatigue. We have also included some of the lesser known but equally as common, including crooked teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, altered speech patterns, bed wetting, bloating, ADHD and many more. You will also have the opportunity to speak with Trisha and Tim during an on-line conference call.

  • Why should I undertake this course with you specifically?

    This course is a unique approach to the basics of breathing that most courses don’t cover. We have combined knowledge of the mouth, nose and breathing to provide you with a clear understanding of the differences between nose and mouth breathing. Also included are tips to achieve optimal breathing without expensive equipment, appliances or medical appointments. Our course is based on sound scientific evidence plus personal experience.

  • How is the course delivered?

    Through video, we tell the real story of our clients and how breathing related issues affected their lives in negative ways. We also discuss the science in plain talk and then go onto explain how the issues were resolved to bring our clients a higher quality of life. Photos and images bring the issues and science to life. Also included in the videos are step-by-step examples of practical exercises that you can easily do.

  • Will I be required to buy additional expensive equipment and materials?

    No. With the information provided in this online course, you will learn to make changes in your breathing that will overcome any of the serious issues faced by our clients and likely by you or your family members.

The Post-COVID-19 price will be $247. Don’t waste any more time feeling tired and enroll today and take advantage of our special COVID-19 price of $197.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Copyright

  • 2

    Module One

    • Hannah's Story

    • Practical Exercises

  • 3

    Module Two

    • Mason's Story

  • 4

    Module Three

    • Eric's Story

  • 5

    Module Four

    • Samantha's Story

  • 6

    Module Five

    • Susan's Story

  • 7

    Module Six

    • Jacob's Story

  • 8

    Module Seven

    • Ethan's Story

  • 9

    Module Eight

    • Bonus Video: Crooked Teeth

    • Bonus Video: Facial Growth Changes Due to Mouth Breathing

  • 10

    Buteyko Breathing Instruction

    • Buteyko Breathing Instruction

  • 11

    Myofunctional Exercises

    • Myofunctional Exercises

  • 12


    • Conclusion

Can you really put a dollar value on your health? This isn’t one of those courses that makes empty promises. Everyone who is currently breathing will benefit from this course. 

We have seen people’s lives transformed and we are passionate about sharing this information with you to change your life for the better. Working with people one-to-one is successful and rewarding. 

This course was created to provide you with the next best thing to personal coaching from Tim and Trisha.  

P.S. Are you ready to enjoy transformative sleep leading to, more energy, clarity of thought, freedom from allergies and asthma, fresh breath and no more snoring? Taking our course and maximizing your breathing efficiency will help you unlock your full potential.